Beef Roll

An equal mixture of beef liver and minced beef meat that surely bring a hefty dose of nutrients in tasty small chunk of cookies. A delightful treat for your pets.

Available in medium pack.

Organic Milky Chicken Carrot Bar

The benefit of milk, meat, and vegetable in one tasty bar. Even further as for this particular product we only use organic ingredients. By choosing non-grain supporting ingredient, it is also suitable for pets in non-grain diet.

Available in medium pack.

Beef Liver Bones

Pets are furious about liver. Beef liver contains hefty dose of essential nutrients needed by our pets. So our Beef Liver Bones are the best treat you can give to your pets in both sides, tasty and healthy.

Available in medium pack.

Tuna Chunks

All the goods that deep sea fishes are all there to be served to your beloved cats in small easy-to-chew bits of our Tuna Chunk. As a cat-specific product, the hardness is also measured to be suitable for cats mouth.

Available in medium pack.

Beef Jerky

All the smell, the taste, and the nutrients of beef are there at its best in our Beef Jerky. More than just made of 100% meat, we choose only the best raw material. Human-grade freshness without even a slice of fat.

Available in mini pack.

Wheat Liver Cookie

A pack of protein and minerals in every piece. Our Wheat Liver Cookie is made of 70% chicken liver mixed into Australian organic wheat, ensuring sufficient amount of nutrients in absolutely enticing smell and taste.

Available in medium pack and mini pack.

Chicken Liver Bone

Don’t underestimate its simple appearance. Our Chicken Liver Bone is classic form of nutrient-rich chicken liver offering that brings delights from its smell and its taste in addition to all nutrients needed by your pets.

Available in medium pack and mini pack.

Milky Chicken Carrot Bar

Even carnivores will take the benefit of vitamins and minerals contained in vegetables, but can you get your dogs eat spinach? We mix the goods of carrot with milk and chicken breast in this healthy treat for dogs and cats.

Available in medium pack and single long bar.

Milky Beef Bar

We all know that both milk and beef are the richest sources of protein and calcium in addition to other minerals. Our Milky Beef Bar mix them both into a tasty treat that will surely entice your pets appetite.

Available in medium pack and mini pack.

Oat Beef Cookie

We all know the difference between the two kind of proteins that each brings different benefit to the body. Our Oat Beef Bar bring both into a blend of plant-based protein and animal-based protein in a delicious bar.

Available in medium pack and single pack.

Chicken Jerky

It was said that chicken is the best meat for our health, breast is the best part of it, and having it fresh and fat-free is essential. That is what our Chicken Jerky is all about. Heat-dried slices of fresh chicken breast.

Available in mini pack.