Most of our product lineup are not only limited to dogs but can also be consumed by cats. However we do understand that some of them are too large for cats’ mouth and possibly too tough for their teeth. Meanwhile, taste-wise we also understand that cats has different preference. So whilst we know that cats like our existing products that can be consumed by both dogs and cat, Mom’s Kitchen decided to start offering products that are specifically provided for our smaller four-legged friends, cats.

Start from today, the first product in our cat cookie lineup has just been introduced. Just as its name reflects, Tuna Chunk has 50% tuna as its main ingredient.

tuna-chunk-cat-food-medium-pack-landscapeWe all know that fish is favorite food for cats and therefore we choose it as the main ingredient of our first cat food product. Known as a deep sea fish, tuna is among the best fishes for our health, and to our pets it is not an exception. More than protein and minerals, tuna is also known to be rich of Omega 3. Just like with our other products, we use only fresh fish meat, the same grade of freshness as fish meat we consume as humans.

Healthiness is also the main consideration we had in choosing supporting ingredients, ensuring that our Tuna Chunk is excellent for your cats’ healths whilst also tastes good and smells attractive. It size and toughness are also perfect for cats. It comes in small bits that fit perfectly in cats’ mouth. It is tough enough to give a sense of crunchiness but tender enough so their small teeth can easily crunch it.

We do not have mini pack for Tuna Chunk, the smallest size available is medium pack that comes in a resealable container. Price is Rp. 50,000 excluding shipping cost.

We will surely introduce more products into our cat treat lineup, but for the time being, why don’t you give our Tuna Chunk a try and see how your cats react.