In our daily life we are seeing strengthening trend of healthy lifestyle, among other ways, it is achieved by consuming more vegetables – if not exclusively vegetable by going vegetarian – and only organic products. We understand that those who believe in achieving better health through eating organic who happen to be pet lovers would also want their beloved pets – most of whom considered as family members instead of animals – to enjoy the same level of health.

Unfortunately we also notice that whilst we are seeing growing availability of organic products for humans, organic products for pets are still rarely available of not available at all.

Therefore we decided to start providing fully organic lineup. We only use high-quality organic products as their ingredients, not only their main ingredients i.e. organic meat and organic vegetable but also their supporting ingredients like organic wheat as well as other non-wheat alternatives. Purity of organic ingredients is maintained as we also do not use any form of additives, not even a pinch of salt or sugar.

As the first member of our 100% organic lineup we introduce 100% organic version of our popular Carrot Chicken Bar to make this already healthy cookie even healthier. 100% Organic Carrot Chicken Bar brings perfect combination of protein from pure-meat chicken breast and vitamins from carrot in a healthier proposition. Have no worries that whilst carrot takes quite a significant proportion in the mix, it contains 50% chicken breast that will surely entices appetite so your pets will surely like it, guaranteed.

Even better for your pets’ health, out 100% Organic Chicken Bar is also GRAIN FREE as as we do not use wheat as its supporting ingredient.


If you are among a few individuals who want to increase your pets’ health to an even better level, then you better to look for this seal in our products, the seal that tells you that their ingredients are all organic. It is still quite limited at the moment, but we are for sure will add more organic dog cookie and organic cat cookie into our product portfolio.