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Liver Nutrient Comparison

Pets are furious about liver, especially dogs. Every animal available for consumption has a liver for sure. Which one is better – or worse – compare to the others? As beef and chicken are the mostly available livestock in the market, it is obvious that most questions narrow down to comparison between the two, which one is better – or worse – between chicken and beef liver as a dog food, cat food, or any carnivore you have.

I think the best to look into it by assessing essential nutrients contained in each of them. Later on we may then start to look into the benefits of each of them to the health of our pets. So let’s just start to look into the following table. Notice that all of the figures are in grams contained in 1 lbs (454 grams) of each kind of liver.


As you see essential nutrient elements contained in each kind of liver, you can start to look for the benefit of each of them and the amount needed by each pet you have. Whilst there are general rule of thumb, different kind of pets, different age, different weight, different condition, definitely requires specific need. Also note that whilst most nutrients are “better to be over than less”, some work in the opposite way round, becoming toxic when consumed more than what the body needs.

In general, beef liver is richer in nutrients than chicken. Bear in mind that certain nutrient, especially A vitamin, shall not be over-consumed. So it is a good idea to put liver, either beef or chicken, into the overall mix of their food. But beware that whilst they need it and they like it, it does not mean that you can give it as much as they want.

Dogs Need Organ Meats

There is no doubt that dogs love liver. However, being dog lover you may notice a lot of different opinion about the impact of liver consumption to the dogs health, many are running the opposite direction and therefore may bring confusion. So instead of staying in confusion, let’s talk about it in a proper perspective.

In general, organ meat is rich of nutrient. Almost every nutrient needed by our dogs are available at quite high dose. A full spectrum of B vitamins including B1, B2, B6, B2 and folic acid as well as other vitamins including A, D, E, and K. It also contains essential minerals like iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, and copper.

Hefty dose of D vitamin that regulates many functions in the body. The importance to consume food that contains D vitamin is even more important if your dog somehow get less sun. Deficiency if D vitamin can bring various problem from fracture and weakness to auto-immune problem that can lead to infectious diseases including various cancers.

Organ meats also rich of essential fatty acid such as omega-3 fats including EPA and DHA. You may know how important they are for the body of both humans and pets. You may learned that one of the most popular source of EPA and DHA is deep-sea fishes like tuna. However, unlike cats, fish consumption is not recommended for dogs. Organ meats are rich of these nutrients.

So giving your dogs organ meats, just any organs you can name, will bring significant health benefits.

Those living in a community that do not consume organ meats my feel a bit uncomfortable at first. But most dogs like them and all dogs need the nutrients they have, it is wise to give it a try. Put organ meat into the mix of your dog food of a certain period of time and see how it impacts your dog health.


Our First Cat Cookie Product – Tuna Chunk

Most of our product lineup are not only limited to dogs but can also be consumed by cats. However we do understand that some of them are too large for cats’ mouth and possibly too tough for their teeth. Meanwhile, taste-wise we also understand that cats has different preference. So whilst we know that cats like our existing products that can be consumed by both dogs and cat, Mom’s Kitchen decided to start offering products that are specifically provided for our smaller four-legged friends, cats.

Start from today, the first product in our cat cookie lineup has just been introduced. Just as its name reflects, Tuna Chunk has 50% tuna as its main ingredient.

tuna-chunk-cat-food-medium-pack-landscapeWe all know that fish is favorite food for cats and therefore we choose it as the main ingredient of our first cat food product. Known as a deep sea fish, tuna is among the best fishes for our health, and to our pets it is not an exception. More than protein and minerals, tuna is also known to be rich of Omega 3. Just like with our other products, we use only fresh fish meat, the same grade of freshness as fish meat we consume as humans.

Healthiness is also the main consideration we had in choosing supporting ingredients, ensuring that our Tuna Chunk is excellent for your cats’ healths whilst also tastes good and smells attractive. It size and toughness are also perfect for cats. It comes in small bits that fit perfectly in cats’ mouth. It is tough enough to give a sense of crunchiness but tender enough so their small teeth can easily crunch it.

We do not have mini pack for Tuna Chunk, the smallest size available is medium pack that comes in a resealable container. Price is Rp. 50,000 excluding shipping cost.

We will surely introduce more products into our cat treat lineup, but for the time being, why don’t you give our Tuna Chunk a try and see how your cats react.

Introducing 100% Organic Dog Cookie

In our daily life we are seeing strengthening trend of healthy lifestyle, among other ways, it is achieved by consuming more vegetables – if not exclusively vegetable by going vegetarian – and only organic products. We understand that those who believe in achieving better health through eating organic who happen to be pet lovers would also want their beloved pets – most of whom considered as family members instead of animals – to enjoy the same level of health.

Unfortunately we also notice that whilst we are seeing growing availability of organic products for humans, organic products for pets are still rarely available of not available at all.

Therefore we decided to start providing fully organic lineup. We only use high-quality organic products as their ingredients, not only their main ingredients i.e. organic meat and organic vegetable but also their supporting ingredients like organic wheat as well as other non-wheat alternatives. Purity of organic ingredients is maintained as we also do not use any form of additives, not even a pinch of salt or sugar.

As the first member of our 100% organic lineup we introduce 100% organic version of our popular Carrot Chicken Bar to make this already healthy cookie even healthier. 100% Organic Carrot Chicken Bar brings perfect combination of protein from pure-meat chicken breast and vitamins from carrot in a healthier proposition. Have no worries that whilst carrot takes quite a significant proportion in the mix, it contains 50% chicken breast that will surely entices appetite so your pets will surely like it, guaranteed.

Even better for your pets’ health, out 100% Organic Chicken Bar is also GRAIN FREE as as we do not use wheat as its supporting ingredient.


If you are among a few individuals who want to increase your pets’ health to an even better level, then you better to look for this seal in our products, the seal that tells you that their ingredients are all organic. It is still quite limited at the moment, but we are for sure will add more organic dog cookie and organic cat cookie into our product portfolio.

Mom’s Kitchen at Gianyar’s “Kontes Anjing Sehat 2015”

We just had our first public appearance in “Kontes Anjing Sehat 2015”, an event held in collaboration between the Regency of Gianyar and Seken-Seken Demen Club, a local dog lover community. Presenting various classes of contests with participants – both individuals and clubs – coming from other regencies in Bali in addition to those residing within Gianyar itself, the event also hosted strings of exhibition booths.

Located only a stone-throw away from the heart of Gianyar, the event itself attract many visitors in addition to participants, especially because the event is also connected to the 244th anniversary of the City of Gianyar.

Entering the event with 8 different tastes representing meat and liver of both chicken and beef, our booth welcomed many interests, most of whom did not even aware about the products and how their beloved pet needs them. Whilst those who did noticed that Mom’s Kitchen is the first if its kind locally produced in Bali. To our pride, none of those who tried our products to their pets found rejection. All dogs were enthusiastically like our products, even those whose owner expressed complained about their dog’s appetite.

It is quite a successful debut, at least way beyond our expectation.

Those who did not make their way to Gianyar can meet us in Denpasar next week, coming Sunday, April 19th 2015, in a similar event held at Desa Budaya Kertalangu in Denpasar. It very easy to find as it is right off By Pass Ngurah Rai, about 10-15 minutes from Sanur towards Tabanan.

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