Just like food for your own children, the best foods for pets are cooked with love by their Mommy at Mom’s Kitchen.

But with all the happenings we constantly have in our life, we do not always have enough time and energy to do it. So here we do it for your pets on your behalf, cook for your pets in our kitchen with our love, the same way as you cook for them in your own kitchen. Our products are way beyond “premium grade”, as we care for your pets just as much as you do, and therefore we pay sufficient attention along the way, from preparing the recipe and shopping for ingredients to baking and packaging.

Foods are All About Enticing Senses

Our Products entice your pets’ senses in a number of ways. Our products are visually attractive to their eyes. Our products smell great to entice their nose. Our products taste good to pamper their tongue. Many customers confirmed that their pets are more than just like our products, even those whose pets have problems with their appetite.

We have a long string of varieties so you can test which ones your pets like most, or of they like them all, you can make up variations to keep your pets happy. Various kind of meats – beef, lamb, chicken, fish, etc. – combined with other ingredients like what, oat, cheese, and milk. We even explore unique ingredients like fish egg.

Cookie for Dogs

We Put Health at the Highest Priority

We consider health even more important than taste, so pay serious attention into it from crafting recipe and selecting ingredients to baking and packaging. The result is products that are both tasty and healthy, something your pets will like without compromising their health.


Beyond finest meat of beef, lamb, chicken, fish, we choose main ingredients very carefully. The only innards we use is liver as we consider the rest harmful. Supporting components are also carefully selected. For example we choose wheat and oat instead of flour.


We only use finest human-grade ingredients. We use only fresh meat with skin and fat cleaned. We only use low-cholesterol organic egg. We use unsalted cheese and butter. We avoid margarine and do not fry. We choose organic wheat and oat.


We do not use salt, sugar, and other seasoning that we know is harmful to pet’s health. We also fully avoid garnish and other visual elements made of harmful ingredients like sugar. We consider marking product with “Sugar garnish should not be consumed” label ridiculous.


Our products are 100% natural. Additives for whatever purpose, even those labelled as “food grade”, are prohibited in our products. Taste-strengthening agents like MSG, colourings, preservatives, etc. are not used in our products.

New Products: Latest Offerings for Your Pets

We constantly researching to improve existing product and create new ones. Cookie, bar, jerky, floss, of beef, chicken, lamb, fish, combined with other ingredients like milk, cheese, wheat, oat, to create both tasty and healthy choices. Check out the complete list of our products.

Cat Cookie Bali - Tuna Chunks

Tuna Chunks

Tuna Chunks is our first product in lineup specifically produced for cats. Having 50% of tuna as its main ingredient, this cat cookie is perfectly tasty as well as healthy.

Oat Beef Cookie

Oat Beef Cookie

What can be healthier than pure fat-free beef is mixed with Australian organic rolled oat? Oat’s unique smell also perfectly blend with beef. It has 50% beef mixed into the oat.

Chicken Liver Bone

Chicken Liver Bone

Classic offering and something you may see as ordinary. But don’t get yourself fooled by its appearance, it carries 50% pure liver chicken that will tease your pet’s appetite.

Chicken Jerky

Chicken Jerky

What can be healthier than pure chicken flesh with skin and fat carefully cleaned? But we go even more, we only take flesh from breast and nowhere else.

Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky

We have to warn you that this is the most expensive product we have. But it worths every cent you spend as we only use the best fresh fat-free beef. It is 100% meat with not even a gram of additional ingredients.

Organic Milky Chicken Carrot Bar

Organic Milky Chicken Carrot Bar

Made for those who want the best for their pet in both taste and healthiness, all ingredients including the poultry and the vegetable, whilst also do not use wheat-based flour so it is also grain free. It has 50% if meat.

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  • Tuna Chunks



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Profit from our sales is used to finance activity of BaliRuSS especially to cover its running cost in operating its shelter i.e. rent, utility bills, foods, vaccines, medicines, wages, etc. Currently BaliRuSS shelter is home to more than 60 dogs and 20 cats. Financial strength will allow BaliRuSS to sustain, improve, and expand. Learn more about BaliRuSS and its activities in their website.

By buying our products, you make your own pets happier and healthier, and helps other unfortunate animals to have a better life.

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Testimonials: What Our Customers Say About Our Products

So much we are confident about our products as we paid as much attention as possible along the process, we gets our confidence even stronger with what our customers have to say after treating their pets with our products.

I want my pets happy and healthy!

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