We just had our first public appearance in “Kontes Anjing Sehat 2015”, an event held in collaboration between the Regency of Gianyar and Seken-Seken Demen Club, a local dog lover community. Presenting various classes of contests with participants – both individuals and clubs – coming from other regencies in Bali in addition to those residing within Gianyar itself, the event also hosted strings of exhibition booths.

Located only a stone-throw away from the heart of Gianyar, the event itself attract many visitors in addition to participants, especially because the event is also connected to the 244th anniversary of the City of Gianyar.

Entering the event with 8 different tastes representing meat and liver of both chicken and beef, our booth welcomed many interests, most of whom did not even aware about the products and how their beloved pet needs them. Whilst those who did noticed that Mom’s Kitchen is the first if its kind locally produced in Bali. To our pride, none of those who tried our products to their pets found rejection. All dogs were enthusiastically like our products, even those whose owner expressed complained about their dog’s appetite.

It is quite a successful debut, at least way beyond our expectation.

Those who did not make their way to Gianyar can meet us in Denpasar next week, coming Sunday, April 19th 2015, in a similar event held at Desa Budaya Kertalangu in Denpasar. It very easy to find as it is right off By Pass Ngurah Rai, about 10-15 minutes from Sanur towards Tabanan.