Pets are furious about liver, especially dogs. Every animal available for consumption has a liver for sure. Which one is better – or worse – compare to the others? As beef and chicken are the mostly available livestock in the market, it is obvious that most questions narrow down to comparison between the two, which one is better – or worse – between chicken and beef liver as a dog food, cat food, or any carnivore you have.

I think the best to look into it by assessing essential nutrients contained in each of them. Later on we may then start to look into the benefits of each of them to the health of our pets. So let’s just start to look into the following table. Notice that all of the figures are in grams contained in 1 lbs (454 grams) of each kind of liver.


As you see essential nutrient elements contained in each kind of liver, you can start to look for the benefit of each of them and the amount needed by each pet you have. Whilst there are general rule of thumb, different kind of pets, different age, different weight, different condition, definitely requires specific need. Also note that whilst most nutrients are “better to be over than less”, some work in the opposite way round, becoming toxic when consumed more than what the body needs.

In general, beef liver is richer in nutrients than chicken. Bear in mind that certain nutrient, especially A vitamin, shall not be over-consumed. So it is a good idea to put liver, either beef or chicken, into the overall mix of their food. But beware that whilst they need it and they like it, it does not mean that you can give it as much as they want.